USA: 'Let them work it out' — Trump defends pulling troops from Syria

US President Donald Trump defended his decision to pull troops out of northern Syria during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday, a move which some have criticised as enabling the ongoing Turkish military operation in the region. «I'm not going to get involved in a war between Turkey and Syria, especially when if you look at the Kurds and again, I say this with great respect, they... Еще're no angels. If you look at PKK, take a look at PKK. ISIS respects PKK. You know why? Because they're as tough or tougher than ISIS. You take a look at a lot of the things having to do. You have to say it. Nobody wants to say it. We're making the Kurds look like they're angels,» he said. «We have a situation where Turkey is taking land from Syria. Syria is not happy about it. Let them work it out. We shouldn't be over there,» Trump added. Turkey's military offensive dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring' began on October 9, days after the White House announced a withdrawal of US troops. Ankara says the aim of the offensive is to create a 'safe zone' cleared of Kurdish groups.


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