USA: ‘Let's defeat Trump, let's transform this country’ — Sanders at St. Louis rally

US Senator and candidate for the Democratic Party nomination Bernie Sanders spoke to his supporters at a rally in St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday, a day head of the state’s Democratic Party primary. «In order to defeat [US President Donald] Trump, who will be a very formidable opponent, in order to defeat Trump, we need the largest voter turnout in history. That is just a fact,» said Sanders... Еще. Sanders also aimed to differentiate his record to that of his current rival and leader of the Democratic Primaries, former Vice President Joe Biden: «Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq. I voted against the war in Iraq. Joe Biden voted for the Wall Street bailout, I helped plea the affidavit against the Wall Street bailout,” he said. March 10 will see 6 more states head the polls in the Democratic Primaries: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington. The contests will be the first since Super Tuesday, which saw Biden emerge victorious in 10 out of 15 states, to retake the lead in estimated pledged delegates with 670 to US Senator Bernie Sanders's 574.

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