USA: Left and right-leaning armed militia groups patrol together in Louisville on Election Day

Members of the right-leaning 'National Patriotic Defense Team' and the left-leaning 'United Pharaoh's Guard' militias gathered together on the streets of Louisville on Tuesday as the 2020 Election Day began. Both armed groups were seen together patrolling outside the polling stations. However, despite their differing political views, they found common ground on Election Day. «We stand together,» left-wing UPG member Jacoby Glenn said, armed with a side arm and a semi-automatic rifle, adding that «we are always going to make sure that people are safe so it's people over property» «We just want to make sure everything remains safe, everybody gets their votes in, no matter who they're voting for,» right-wing NPDT leader Tara 'Hoggirl' Brandau 'stated, also brandishing a sidearm. «We both are here for pretty much the same purpose,» she added. The rebranded 'National Patriotic Defense Team', previously known as the 'Wild Card III%' militia, had recently rallied in the same city against the all-Black militia NFAC. Incumbent President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are the two candidates most likely to emerge victorious on Election Day with the task of leading the country for the next four years.

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