USA: Lawsuit accuses Harvard of discrimination against Asian Americans

A trial accusing Harvard University of discriminating against Asian American applicants began in Boston on Monday. The lawsuit, which was brought by the group Students For Fair Admissions (SFFA), claims that Harvard has established what is effectively a quota system for Asian American applicants and that applications from both whites and other minority groups are given unfair advantages... Еще. Harvard denies these allegations and has been joined in its defence by other Ivy League institutions, as well as the Legal Defence and Education Fund of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Defenders of the university have expressed their fears that the lawsuit is merely another attempt to undermine affirmative action policies in the US, despite the Supreme Court repeatedly defending the principle. The president of SFFA, Edward Blum, is a conservative legal activist who has repeatedly been involved with legal attempts to dismantle affirmative action.

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