USA: Latest US Nuclear Posture Review aims for 'greater trust' with Russia

The Trump Administration announced on Friday that the US' new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) intends to increase understanding of Russian nuclear stockpiling and to establish «greater trust» with Russia. Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon warned of Russian and Chinese nuclear capabilities, saying that Moscow retains a «large stockpile of non-strategic nuclear weapons» which... Еще it continues to modernise. He went on to say that China is also modernising and expanding its nuclear forces, before warning that both countries challenge «the free and open international order». One of the NPR's intentions is restabilising the conditions necessary for «greater trust with Russia and improved transparency with China as it expands and modernizes its nuclear forces», affirmed Shannon. He also said that «unfriendly regimes» like North Korea or Iran «put our lives at risk by pursuing nuclear weapons», adding that «the potential threat of non-state actors getting their hands on a nuclear weapon remains at the front of all of our minds». Shannon highlighted that the 2018 NPR focuses on strengthening extended deterrence and the long-term goal remains eliminating nuclear weapons from the world.

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