USA: Kennedy’s 'victory map' goes on auction for $20,000

A secret map which was used by the US government to plan the attack on Cuba during the peak of the Cold War went on auction in Amherst, New Hampshire on Tuesday. It is estimated to sell for $20,000 (€16,000). Referred to as John F. Kennedy's 'victory map', the map was a tangible presentation of the feud between the USSR and the US which culminated in the Cuban Missile Crisis. «This map is... Еще incredibly important because it was on the desk where Robert McNamara, the defence secretary and all the generals met and they looked at the situation,» Executive Vice President at RR Auction Bobby Livingston said, detailing the uniqueness of the map. The map was dotted with red and black icons pinpointing Soviet missile launch sites, Mig and bomber sites in Cuba. Once the crisis was over, the map was given to defence Secretary Robert McNamara.

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