USA: Jury finds defendants not guilty for Inauguration Day rioting

SOT, Christina Simmons, one of six defendants (English): «And I would also say that this sets the stage for how the state interacts with the repression of all activists.» Six defendants were found not guilty of charges related to the Inauguration Day protests at the US Superior Court in Washington DC on Thursday. They were cleared of all 42 charges, including rioting and destruction of... Еще property, during protests against the newly instated US President Donald Trump in January. The six defendants included a journalist and two street medics. Following the verdict the six defendants were greeted by their supporters and friends. «I was feeling overwhelmed with emotions to hear that all the charges were found not guilty. The government charges are ridiculous and they are an attempt to criminalise dissent in this country,» explained Jennifer Armento, one of the defendants. This is the first wave of the trials with a further 188 defendants heading to court.


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