USA: 'It will not make a difference' — US-Mexico border area awaits Guard deployment

US military vehicles were seen parked up at the Fort Bliss military base on Sunday, ahead of the deployment of National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border area. Up to 4,000 National Guard troops are to be deployed to the US-Mexico border, in response to US President Donald Trump's order. A resident in El Paso said he thinks the troops will not make a difference. «I don't think it's a good... Еще idea cause it will not make a difference, really,» he said. «They can't stop anybody, they might have a little bit more numbers but I don't think it's gonna affect very much,» he added. On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Trump's plan to send troops to the US-Mexico border, a bill which he later signed off. «The mobilisation of the National Guard will be an important part of the strategy to confront the growing threat of illegal immigration, drugs and violent gang members coming across our southern border,» Sanders said.

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