USA: Illegal immigrants 'grab children and use them' to enter country — Trump

Journalist: «Why aren't they ready?» Donald Trump, US President: «I just don't think they're ready yet, they've made too much money for too long , what they've done to our country is take out anywhere from $300 billion to $500 billion a year. We built China, I have great respect for China and for President Xi in particular. We'll probably make a deal but I don't think they're ready, they want to... Еще make a deal, they're not doing well, you look at their economy, the Chinese economy is not doing well and we're doing very well. We're doing better than we've ever done, but I told them, a week ago, they want to come in they want to make a deal, I said you're not ready to make a deal.» US President Donald Trump claimed that illegal immigrants were grabbing children and using them to enter the United States, during a statement he made while leaving the White House on Saturday. Trump was responding to a question about family separations when he claimed that it often wasn't actually families being separated as in «many cases you have really bad people coming in and using children, they're not their children, they don't even know the children.» He also defended the policy claiming it had a deterrent effect, saying that «if they [illegal immigrants] feel there will be separation, they don't come.» After images and stories of children as young as three years old being kept in cages resulted in a wave of condemnation both within the United States and overseas, the Trump administration ended its policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border in June. Trump mentioned that the United States is also in constant communication with Turkey and is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi, who was last seen entering his country's consulate in Istanbul on October 2. Although Turkish officials suspect that the journalist may have been murdered, Trump ruled out the cancellation of planned weapons sales to Saudi Arabia on the grounds that such a move would only hurt American workers and companies. He also touched on his administration's ongoing trade war with China, saying that «China wants to make a deal. China would love to make a deal, I don't think they're ready yet.»

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