USA: 'I will never lie to you' pledges new WH press secretary McEnany

In her first appearance in the White House press briefing room, newly-appointed secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave her word to always tell the truth when asked by a reporter for her oath. «I will never lie to you, you have my word on that,» she responded. In a break from the recently discontinued Coronavirus Task Force briefings that had become a mainstay of the epidemic, secretary McEnany upheld... Еще various positions stemming from the White House, including the not-yet confirmed suspicions that the novel coronavirus originated from a Wuhan labratory. She also commented on differences between the World Health Organization and its largest donor, the United States. «The WHO appears to have a very clear China bias,» McEnany stated. The press secretary also addressed sexual assault allegations made against former vice president Joe Biden, and reprimanded a reporter for making a comparison with US President Donald Trump. «Leave it to the media to really take an issue about the former vice president and turn it on the president and bring up accusations from four years ago that were asked and answered in the form of the vote of the American people,» she stated. It is not yet known how often McEnany intends to appear for briefings, but she gave her assurances that she is well-informed on Trump's viewpoints and will communicate them accordingly.

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