USA: I'm not mad at anybody, we need to fix system — George Floyd's uncle attends pre-trial hearing

Members of George Floyd's family spoke to the public as the four fired police officers who have been charged with the death of George Floyd appeared in court on Monday for a pre-trial hearing. Floyd's aunt and uncle spoke out about the case as they also attended the trial and sat in the front row at the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility in Minneapolis. «It's gonna be hard for my nephew to get a fair trial. I just believe, I think it's absolutely hideous that two of them are walking around free and my nephew will never have a chance to be free ever again. It's just sad as hell,» said George Floyd's uncle Selwyn Jones. The offices charged, Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Kiernan Lane, and Tou Thao appeared separately for back-to-back pre-trial hearings. Chauvin is facing second-degree murder charges as well as manslaughter. The remaining three officers are all being charged with second-degree aiding and abetting felony murder and also second-degree aiding and abetting manslaughter. «You know, I'm not mad at anybody. I just think we need to fix the system. Racism needs to go. Police brutality definitely needs to go. And we need to find some kind of equality and care for each other. Because this stuff here, we don't need to all be here. And we're here because of one reason. Because one guy decided to take my nephew's life. And it's not gonna be in vain,» proclaimed Selwyn. Monday's proceedings in court led to a trial date being tentatively scheduled for March 2021.

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