USA: 'I got in the way of Microsoft's agenda' — recycling innovator convicted of copyright infringement

«What I'm really trying to do is help the world become more efficient and in the process I just think I got in the way of Microsoft's agenda, which is to sell operating systems,» recycling innovator Eric Lundgren said in an interview from Los Angeles on Tuesday. Lundgren has been convicted of copyright infringement for producing 28,000 discs with the Windows operating system on them. He received... Еще a 15-month sentence and a $50,000 fine (€40600). However, the federal appeals court has suspended the sentence to give Lundgren another chance to make his case. «I was very, very shocked when I was given a prison sentence for extending the life cycle of electronics and practicing recycling and trying to empower people,» stated Lundgren. «All I was attempting to do was help consumers use what they legally own, help them refurbish or repair their legally owned property,» he said. Lundgren's recycling company IT Asset Partners processes 41 million pounds of electronics waste every year. His facility in the United States converts unwanted electronic devices into other functional products.

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