USA: 'I don't think their aim is very good!' Hawaiians respond to N. Korea nuclear threat

Residents of Honolulu, Hawaii, responded to the perceived threat of a nuclear attack on the archipelago in the wake of diplomatic tensions between the US and North Korea, Saturday. Timo, a local resident, said «I'm not too concerned because knowing North Korea, even though they have nuclear warheads, I don't think they're going to ... I don't think their aim is very good to be honest with you... Еще.» Yang, another local resident, was equally confident in Hawaii's security, citing the power of the US military. «Nobody can mess with the American people, you know that right, yeh,» he said. A number of tourists expressed greater concern however. Lea from South Korea said «[I] really feel concern even though I don't live here, like I feel concern for everyone who lives here and everyone who's visiting here, and everybody that will be here on the islands at the time.»
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