USA: 'I don’t blame China for taking out $500 billion a year' — Trump

US President Donald Trump repeated his claim that China took out US$500 billion (€443 billion) a year from the United State's economy, presumably in reference to the US trade deficit with China, but warned that «those days are over» as he spoke in Crosby, Texas after signing two executive orders to speed up oil and gas pipeline projects on Thursday. «I don't blame China for taking out $500... Еще billion a year,» he said, apportioning blame to the previous US administration for allowing it to happen. He added that the US was now in the process of negotiating a «reasonable deal» with China. Last September, Trump claimed that the United States' trade deficit with China was at US$500 billion — a figure put closer to US$336 billion (€298 billion) by the fact checking organisation Politifact. The US and China have been locked in a trade war since 2018, after the US government accused the Asian superpower of engaging in unfair trade practices. The US has imposed three rounds of tariffs on Chinese goods amounting to over US$250 billion (€221 billion) with Trump threatening further tariffs. In retaliation, Beijing hit the US with tariffs on US$110 billion (€98 billion) of goods.

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