USA: Hyundai presents new all-electric sports concept car

Korean automaker Hyundai revealed the new all-electric high-performance sports concept car Genesis Essentia on Wednesday at Jacop Javits Convention Center in New York. There’s no engine to see through the hood, but passers-by can admire the Essentia's carbon fibre chassis and exposed pushrod suspension. Experts say the Genesis Essentia is a rival to the famous Tesla Model S and Porsche Mission... Еще E. “Creativity overruled functionality, where emotions overruled rational, where we could just get into a car and just cruise, with no particular destination in mind, this type of culture we somehow lose, therefore this car which we are about to see is all about that, rebirthing this type of culture reducing it to the journey itself,” said Genesis global head Manfred Fitzgerald during the presentation. Hyundai created Genesis in 2015 as a breakout luxury brand. It’s planning to launch six new models by 2021, and to have them compete with established luxury giants like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus, and Cadillac.

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