USA: Hundreds rally to 'Impeach and Remove' Trump as Congress debates

Activists gathered in Washington DC as part of a nationwide movement urging the US Congress to hold US President Donald Trump accountable for his alleged abuse of power as the House debated on whether to impeach him on Wednesday. “Patriotism is doing the hard stuff, we are asking our Congress to do the hard stuff. We do not want to impeach our president, we do not come out here to impeach our... Еще president just because. But when a president thinks that he is above the law, we have to correct them. We expect our elected officials to correct him, we expect our elected officials to stand up, not just do what is easy,» said People for the American Way's Diallo Brooks. Other activists said that the constitution applies to everyone and that if a president considers himself above the law, the law should find him accountable. «We are here to stand with Congress to make sure they do their job and hold this administration accountable and then we are here to demand a fair trial in the Senate. Because the American people deserve nothing less than the facts and then they deserve action,» said Indivisible's Co-Executive Director Leah Greenberg. Thousands gathered all over the US including in New York City, Los Angeles and Phoenix as over 600 events were scheduled to call for Trump's impeachment across the country. Trump's impeachment proceedings were sparked by an official complaint from a whistle-blower over a phone call in which Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the son of political rival Joe Biden.


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