USA: Hundreds rally in NYC's Times Square to demand justice over death of Daniel Prude

Hundreds of BLM protesters gathered in New York City's Times Square on Thursday to demand justice for Daniel Prude, a 41-year-old African American man who died by asphyxiation during a police intervention in Rochester, New York on March 23. Demonstrators were met with counter-protesters who were wearing MAGA hats. BLM protesters were heard chanting «black lives matter» and holding signs, reading «Mental Health, the Emergency response should not be lethal» and «Justice for Daniel Prude» A protester addressed the crowd, saying «They had a bag over that man's head. He was naked in the streets like an animal. They had no regard for this black man's life. They had their knees on this man, in the same fashion, George Floyd was murdered.» Prude was having a mental health episode on March 23 when his brother Joe called the Rochester Police Department for help, the family said at a press conference Wednesday. Attorneys for Prude's family released police bodycam footage that shows the police officers covering Prude's head with a bag and detaining him on the ground in a prone position before he stopped breathing.

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