USA: Hundreds rally against ICE presence in Washington DC

Hundreds of protesters held a demonstration and marched through the Columbia Heights neighbourhood of Washington DC on Saturday, to denounce the presence of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the US Capital. Protesters can be seen marching and chanting slogans together at the rally. One protester addressed the crowd and explained that he did not know he was an undocumented immigrant... Еще until he went to college, at which time he «denied a Fulbright Scholarship to a school because I was scared to go to another state and actually get deported and separated from my mom.» The rally was held under the name of 'ICE out of DC!/Fuere ICE de DC!» and the event's Facebook page explains that it was called for due to ICE agents conducting raids in Columbia Heights a week earlier, where they took «two parents away from their children. They also interrogated people in several local businesses, spreading fear and alarm throughout the community.»

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