USA: Hundreds picket St. Louis jail in solidarity with those arrested in police shooting protests

Protesters gathered outside the St. Louis city jail for a vigil in solidarity with those detained on three previous nights of unrest, on Monday. The protests, now on their fourth-consecutive night, were sparked by the acquittal of a police officer in the fatal shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. The mother of the victim was also at the vigil. Monday's night was the first demonstration with no... Еще significant unrest reported. Over the last three nights some 123 people have been arrested in perceived disturbances including the breaking of windows. The arrested includes some journalists and observers who were detained on Sunday night. Demonstrators chanted for justice and held signs while, at times, lighting their phones in unison. At least one protester was armed with an assault rifle, an increasing common practice at US protests. David Malcolm, a local who was at the demonstration, stated «This struggle is been going on for a long time for people here, this did not start last week with the verdict, the struggle goes on for many people, we have seen officers involved in shootings in my neighbourhood.» Former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley shot Smith to death in 2011, in what he claims was self-defence, believing that the 24-year-old African-American was reaching for a gun in his car. A gun was found at the scene, though it only had traces Stockley's DNA on it, rather than the victim's, prompting accusations that the officer planted the weapon. The judges, refuted this claim, ruling that «an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly.» Before exiting his vehicle to confront Smith, Stockley was recorded saying «he was «going to kill this motherfucker» on his cruiser's dashcam.
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