USA: Heroes at work — nursing homes staff share experiences

Health workers from nursing homes in New York City have been sharing their experiences of struggling with the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday. «There is too much frustration. It's just a lot of anger, a lot of pain,» said a nurse at the King David Center for nursing and rehabilitation, adding that «everyone is just trying to do the best that they can for the residents.» «As I know it, the patients, you know, pass away. Wrap the body up. The people that deal with this, they come and we bring the body downstairs, put in a room by itself and they come and pick up the body. Once they do that, we go back in the room, sanitize it, clean it, make sure that room is clean, and you know, we go from there,» said Kalani Hioren, staff member at The Chateau nursing home in Brooklyn. According to Johns Hopkins University, the state of New York has reported over 200,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, with nearly 11,000 deaths.

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