USA: Health officials address concerns amid US citizens' evacuation from Wuhan

Public health officials took stock of the repatriation of US citizens from the Chinese city of Wuhan and addressed general concerns during a press conference in Ontario on Wednesday. «The coronavirus is spreading rapidly, we think, in China. We think it's appropriate that our citizens who are in the epicentre of that outbreak in Wuhan be repatriated home for their own safety. So we're here to... Еще ensure their safety and also to ensure the safety of those on the base,» said Dr. Chris Braden, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He added that risk of infection is «very low» in the United States. «I know there's a lot of concerns about this flight landing,» stated Riverside public health officer Dr. Cameron Kaiser. «We've got a good perimeter out there to make sure that the public and those individuals stay safe,» he reassured. Victor Manuel Perez, a Riverside County supervisor, said that collaboration between county, state and federal officials «has led to the successful repatriation of the 200 and plus passengers.» A cargo plane carrying at least 201 passengers landed at a Californian March Air Reserve Base, near Ontario on Wednesday, after it evacuated the US citizens from the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus — Chinese Wuhan. In China alone, at least 6,000 people have been confirmed as having contracted the respiratory disease, which has already claimed the lives of at least 132 people.

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