USA: Hawaii prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea-US tensions

The Hawaii Emergency Management Center has begun the first phase of their Nuclear Preparedness protocol, as part of a contingency plan in light of nuclear tensions between the US and North Korea. The agency's executive officer Toby Clairmont explained on Friday how the centre is preparing the local population during this first phase, which consists of studying how to educate the population... Еще without creating a sense of fear. «The first phase is to improve our warning and notification. In other words, detecting that something has happened and warning the public,» Clairmont stated. Hawaii is the first US state to prepare for a possible nuclear attack, having begun preparations around seven months ago. Clairmont outlined the island's response timeframe, saying: «an ICBM launched from North Korea would take around 20 minutes to make impact in Hawaii. About five minutes into that time the US military would be able to tell us that a missile has been launched and has the potential of hitting Hawaii.» He explained, «that give us 15 minutes to get the word out to the public, for the public to take immediate action.» The agency is located inside a 1915 bunker in Honolulu, in a crater known as the Diamond Crater and is part of a network of bunkers still in use by the US military.
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