USA: Guantanamo inmates to demand trial or release in US court hearing

A legal team for the Centre for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed in a petition on behalf of the eight Guantanamo inmates in a district court in Washington DC on Wednesday, demanding that the prisoners are either tried or released. The attorneys are challenging US President Donald Trump's proclamation that there will be no releases from Guantanamo, regardless of the inmate's circumstances. The... Еще attorneys maintain that decade-long detention is unlawful and unconstitutional. «There are very high standards for who can be detained, based on a general threat to the public. We are asking the court to apply those same standards to these Guantanamo detentions, 16 years in,» said Senior Managing Attorney at the Centre for Constitutional Rights Shayana Kadidal. «We're saying that the government would have to prove that these men still pose a danger, a real danger of returning to, quote on quote, «to fight against the United States», even though we contest whether any of them were actually fighting against the United States to begin with. The government doesn’t want to have to prove that,» he added.

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