USA: Guaido supporters challenge activists occupying Venezuelan embassy

Tension rose outside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC on Thursday, as a group of Juan Guaido supporters protested the presence of activists currently occupying the embassy building. The activists are seeking to block the US handing the embassy over to Guaido's representatives. Medea Benjamin, the co-founder of Code Pink, a pacifist NGO, likened the conditions of the activists holed up... Еще inside the embassy to that of a siege, especially since the building's electricity was cut off on Wednesday night. «The people who are outside that say they want to improve the lives of people in Venezuela, they want to have electricity, they want to have food and water but they want to turn off the electricity, they want the people inside here to have no food and they were cheering last night as the electricity was turned off.» Meanwhile, Guaido supporters said activists were preventing the embassy from performing its functions for Venezuelan citizens. One protester said, «I am here because I need my embassy working. I need my passport, I need to travel and these people they live there and its not legal. They are not Venezuelan.» Venezuela has been in political crisis since January 23, when Guaido declared himself president in a move now recognized by over 50 countries including the United States the European Union.

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