USA: Get your head in the game at first-ever virtual reality gym!

The world's first virtual reality gym opened its doors to fitness and gaming enthusiasts alike in San Francisco last month, creating a gym experience unlike any other, as seen in footage filmed by Ruptly on Thursday. Black Box VR, which was the brainchild of the former CEO of and a partner, combines fitness with virtual reality. Together with their team, they created a virtual... Еще reality video game and a self-automated resistance cable machine and combined the two together to create a unique immersive experience. Black Box VR Manager Kayla Abeyta explained that the company's purpose was to distract users from the fact that they're working out by immersing them in another world. «The whole idea of how many reps, and how much you lift is not in your mind anymore, it's actually just beating your opponent and playing the game,» she said, adding: «Black Box really wants to gamify fitness, and that's ultimately what we want every user to feel like, is that they're walking into their next battle instead of 'Oh, I'm going to work out.'» Each session lasts 30 minutes in which the user gets a full-body workout, using the world's first «hands-free» VR controllers and a system which utilises network of sensors to track your movements and ensure exercises can be performed correctly. Black Box say just three sessions a week are sufficient to see results, and the team plan to open more flagship gyms in the city and then expand across the country.

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