USA: German activists' piece of Berlin Wall gift reportedly rejected in DC

On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, German activists brought a piece of the original wall to Washington DC on Saturday to offer it to US President Donald Trump. However, security apparently did not allow the gift to be made. Footage shows a big piece of the wall attached to a truck being transported through the US capital. People are seen taking pictures with the piece in... Еще front of the White House. According to Joerg Waschescio from the Open Society Initiative, the Berlin Wall is a reminder that no wall lasts forever. “I think it's the greatest example in the history of mankind that a wall fails, that a wall is not a proper political instrument,“ he said. The activists tried to deliver the historic piece of wall to the government, but were apparently stopped by security services. According to the activists, the Wall will be touring several states in an effort to display it to the American people and will be placed somewhere along the southern border.

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