USA: Game of Thrones figurines take fan art to a whole new level at Comic-Con

Dark Horse Direct, an online store that sells permiere collectibles, displayed some of their latest wares at San Diego's Comic-Con, on Saturday. Two such items were sculpted mini masterpieces from Bigshot Toyworks that depict the Iron Throne and the undead dragon Viserion, from the hit HBO show 'Game of Thrones'. Dark Horse's Director of E-Commerce Melissa Lomax explained a bit about the... Еще minature of the iconic fantasy throne, saying, «The 18-inch iron throne, and it's completely made of polyresin, it's beautiful in detail, all the sword hilts and swords are exactly where they should be from the throne on the show.» Comic Con has been held in San Diego annually. In its 49th year, the organisers reported that 2018's Comic Con attracted more than 130,000 visitors.

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