USA: Floyd protesters share thoughts as they return to Minneapolis steets

Demonstrators in Minneapolis voiced their views on the protests over George Floyd's death on Saturday, as they helped clean up the streets affected by Friday night's unrest. «As a community we got to unite, we just have to be there for each other, be there for the injustice, and stand up for what we believe in, but we have to do it peacefully,» Green, one of the protesters, told Ruptly. Ariel, a white woman with two children from Liberia, explained that she had joined the protest as «I know whatever privilege I have, which I know I have a lot just because of the colour of my skin, then I'm going to use that privilege for them to understand their value, their rights and that they deserve to be alive just like I deserve to be alive.» «I think it's really important to be here today, I have not been a part of the protest prior to this because I am aware that the white supremacists are here and being a member of the BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, People of Colour] community that does instil a lot of fear in me, so I'm doing what I can,» said Cassie. Last Friday, violent protests calling for justice for George Floyd erupted near Nicollet and Lake in Minneapolis where rioters looted and set fire to Wells Fargo and the surrounding buildings belonging to a shopping centre complex. Floyd, a Houston native, died in Minneapolis earlier this week after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes as he was recorded saying, «I can't breathe» and «Don't kill me.» Four officers involved in the incident have since been fired. The officer who knelt on Floyd was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter on Friday. Protests and demonstrations have taken place across the US in reaction to Floyd's death, with riots and looting also occurring in some areas.

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