USA: Floridians gather supplies in preparation for Hurricane Irma

Maitland residents were seen buying supplies and materials at 'The Home Depot', on Tuesday, in preparation for Hurricane Irma, which is due to hit US state of Florida later in the week. The hardware store was already running out of supplies, having to place a sign up on their entrance stating that they no longer provided water packs, generators, D batteries or gas cans due to high demand. One... Еще man, Edwin Martinez, who had driven from Orlando to prepare for the storm, said he was «trying to protect them with plywood, siding, and being prepared for any damages we're going to have.» Martinez went on to say, «We tried to buy some water but there's no water available here.» The hurricane is first expected to hit the Caribbean, making landfall on islands including Antigua and Barbuda, the British and US Virgin Islands, as well as Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Florida Governor Rick Scott has reported that they are preparing for the storm to «directly impact the state.»

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