USA: Fists fly in Portland as nationalists and antifa clash in violent showdown

Hundreds of nationalist demonstrators and anti-fascist counter-protesters converged in downtown Portland, Oregon, Sunday, causing a mass brawl between the two rival groups. The Patriot Prayer 'Freedom March' was met by members of antifa groups leading to a sudden outbreak of violence between the two rival factions, among other provocative displays of emotion such as flag burning, face-to-face... Еще shouting matches and abusive language. Renee Kimble, an anti-fascist protester, said the purpose of the march was an attempt to provide equality for all. «We want there to be equal opportunity out there for all voices to be heard. We don't go into other rallies and shout them down, but they apparently have decided that we don't have a right to say the things we're saying,» she said. Police have not released any information regarding the number of arrests which were made, although they have said that they would be reviewing footage of the clashes as part of an investigation.

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