USA: Far-right group and BLM activists join forces at pro-gun rally

Armed groups from the far-right 'Boogaloo' movement joined forces with Black Lives Matter activists to rally against police violence and the government in Richmond, Virginia, on Saturday. Activists from the two groups linked arms to reclaim the area and held speeches in defence of the Second Amendment and the right to carry weapons. «Whether you're black, whether you're white, whether you don't like white people or black people, you should have the right to defend yourself at all times,» said a man, who stressed the multiracial character of the demonstration. «Even a lot of the very liberal types that I'm familiar with from up North, even they understand that we're all on the same side, because this isn't black versus white, right versus left, it's just state versus us,» another demonstrator said. The groups found common ground in the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Duncan Lemp, a black woman and white man who were both killed in no-knock police raids earlier this year.

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