USA: Far-right activist Johnny Benitez faces off with ‘Proud Boys’ at rally

SOT, Johnny Benitez, America First protest organiser (English): «Thank you to police officers who came out to support us today. I personally don't trust the state, but if there's someone that you don't hold accountable, it's the local police department, who are not a part of these conspiracies or problems. We do think that blue lives matter, and we appreciate every single one of you who puts your... Еще life on the line, so that we can have those civil rights.» Far-right activist Johnny Benitez hosted an «America First» rally at Laguna Beach in California on Sunday, where the rally needed police control when Benitez was confronted by conservative activist group the 'Proud Boys'. Antifa activists were also present with anti-Nazi placards at the event, named Onward America by America First, but they were in a considerably smaller number of protesters and a significant distance away from the confrontation. Outspoken nationalist, Kyle Chapman, AKA Based Stickman, condemned Benitez «as an alt-right provocateur» who gives «the media what they need to call Trump supporters racist and Nazis». Police maintained strong control over the rally until its end, when they escorted Benitez to his car for safety reasons.

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