USA: Families return to fire-ravaged Santa Rosa homes to see damage

California residents of fire-ravaged Santa Rosa have been allowed to return to inspect their houses and begin rebuilding work on Tuesday. Some returned to discover their homes carry a red poster which means they are unsuitable for living and will be razed. One man Peter returned with his son: «The whole neighbourhood was literally on fire because it was around 1 am in the morning. There was... Еще commotion outside, so we woke up... when we opened the garage door, police were already here telling us: you have to evacuate, evacuate!» He added: «We came back on Monday during daytime and to our surprise, our house was still standing. It was one of the few houses that didn't burn. But when we looked, the fence here was on fire. For some reason it didn't reach the house» adding that he and his son will return as soon as the electricity will be restored. Peter's son also shared his thoughts saying: «It's a tough thing to see and witness. I'm just blessed to not have lost my house, which is behind me.» Fifteen separate wildfires raged in Northern California, killing at least 17 people amid 122,000 acres of affected land, and prompting a state of emergency. The fires began on October 9 and left firefighters unable to bring the inferno under control. At least 2,000 properties have been destroyed as a result and over 100 people were treated at hospitals for smoke and burn related injuries alone.
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