USA: Ex-CIA officer calls Gina Haspel Senate hearing a ‘charade’

Former CIA officer Ray McGovern said that the Senate confirmation hearing for Gina Haspel to become the next director of the CIA was «in many respects […] a charade,» speaking in an interview from Washington DC on Friday. According to McGovern, the May 9 hearing started in a «most unusual way,» with Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr saying: «This is an open hearing and there will... Еще be a close session. Those people who want to say something extra, do it fast, do it quickly and then leave.» The former CIA officer noted that Haspel refused to answer the direct question of Senator Ron Wyden, regarding her personal involvement into the waterboarding of the suspects, claiming it was «a secret». McGovern was forcibly removed from the hearing room by the Capitol Police asking Haspel about «enhanced interrogation techniques» as waterboarding towards detained in Thailand. He was released on Thursday after an arraignment hearing.

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