USA: Empty streets in San Francisco as California begins 'surreal' lockdown

Near-empty streets, empty stores and unused sidewalks could be seen throughout San Francisco on Friday, after Governor Gavin Newsom announced lockdown measures for the entire state of California amid the coronavirus outbreak. Footage highlights the ghost-town-like situation as most locals seem to be taking the measures seriously in 'The Golden City'. «I think it's a good thing, seeing what's... Еще happening in Europe right now, I think we're a bit behind so I think it's a good thing that the U.S is doing that and I hope everybody is going to be following the orders and we'll see, hopefully, things improving in the next few weeks,» Emerick, a San Fran local stated. This sentiment rang strong among many residents, Jose, another local interviewed on Friday described the situation as «surreal, in that pretty much Europe and the United States are fairly empty. The streets are empty, the stores are empty. It's just very strange.» The United States is currently reporting 19,522 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 262 deaths in total so far. The state of California has been the third-worst hit state, with 1,249 confirmed cases and 24 deaths thus far.

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