USA: El Paso church opens doors to migrants seeking asylum

Vino Nuevo church along the US-Mexico border in El Paso opened its doors to migrants released by the US authorities due to an overflow in US border centres, as footage filmed on Wednesday shows. Migrants were seen receiving food and clothes before being registered in the church, where they will wait for an appointment with a judge who will determine their legal status. «The situation is... Еще overflowed now, the system and the detention centres of the government no longer know how to retain so many people who come from the South towards the United States, due to the overflow they have asked different organisations for help and among them churches,» said Vino Nuevo pastor Mike Richards. «They told us that it was a crime to cross [the border] and I know it and that is right, but sometimes needs go forward and in Guatemala violence is very tremendous and that is why we risk our lives, but thank God we are well here,» said Guatemelan migrant Blanca Lidia Rivera.

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