USA: Dozens arrested in Kavanaugh protest at senators’ offices

“We are here to say we believe Anita Hill, we believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and we will not allow Bret Kavanaugh on the court.” “Why shouldn’t Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have an FBI investigation into her allegations because the way the Republican senators of the judiciary committee phrasing it it’s basically like she is on trial and that’s what they always do to women.I don’t want a bunch of... Еще white old guys telling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford whether she survived sexual assault or not. That is wrong.” Dozens of activists were arrested for occupying the office of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Sen. Chuck Grassley in Washington DC on Thursday. Crowds marched early morning through the halls of the Hart Senate Office building which houses the offices of Republican Senators Chuck Grassley, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, among others, demanding lawmakers reject Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. Protesters stormed the senator’s office chanting “We believe Anita Hill, We believe Christine Blasey Ford” and voiced support for an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against him by former classmate Christine Blasey Ford. The activists occupied the offices for most of the day, ordered lunch, and shared stories of sexual abuse which was repeated by the protesters in the style of a human microphone in the senate committee chair’s room. One of the organizations hosting the protest is Women’s March, co-chair Bob Bland said “ I don’t want a bunch of white old guys telling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford whether she survived sexual assault or not. Capitol Hill Police said they arrested 56 people on Thursday related to Kavanaugh protests on Capitol Hill with more than two dozen detained at Hart Senate offices.

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