USA: 'Don't poo on my parade!' — San Francisco dogs poop on planned alt-right rally site

San Francisco dog owners brought their canine pals from all over the city to Crissy Field, near the Golden Gate Bridge, on Friday, for their pups to poo on the spot, which was the planned venue for the alt-right 'Patriot Prayer' rally the following day. One dog owner, David de la Cruz, was happy at the idea of the protest, which the Internet has reportedly dubber the «Turd Reich». He said, «I... Еще think that's very funny and I hope that all Americans in the area with dogs bring them down to this lovely sight, without bags, and just let your dog go. That'd be wonderful.» On Friday, however, the leader of 'Patriot Prayer' Joey Gibson announced over Facebook that he was cancelling the rally at the park, citing safety concerns. Instead, the group plan to hold a press conference at Alamo Square Park at 14:00 local time (22:00 GMT), on Saturday.
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