USA: Disturbing clip shows cops killing suspect by unloading into his back *GRAPHIC*

Schmidt: «Stop, stop stop, put your fucking hands up. I will fucking shoot you.» Blevins: «What? Come on, man. I didn't do nothing, bro.» Schmidt: «You've got a gun, you motherfucker.» Blevins: «No, I don't.» Schmidt: «Yes you do. Put it down. I will fucking shoot you.» Blevins: «Please don't shoot me.» Schmidt: «Put your hands up.» Blevins: «Leave me alone.» Bodycam footage... Еще courtesy of the Minneapolis Police Department shows the moment two officers shoot and kill a fleeing suspect in the city's North Side on June 23. The pair, Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly, pursue the suspect, Thurman Blevins, 31, on foot for less than a minute while shouting a string of expletives. «Stop, stop stop, put your f*cking hands up, I will f*cking shoot you,» Schmidt can be heard shouting. «What? Come on, man. I didn't do nothing, bro,» Blevins responds before imploring the officer not to fire at him. Schmidt can be heard asserting that Blevins has a gun while the chase continues. After turning a corner, Schmidt and Kelly unload into Blevins' back at least a dozen times while he is still running. Blevins then lies bleeding out on the ground while back-up arrives. The killing sparked a wave of protests across the city demanding justice for Blevins, with many saying he only had a bottle in his hand. The President of the Minneapolis Police Union Lt. Bob Kroll has since described the killing as 'heroic.' The shooting is currently being investigated by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

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