USA: Detroit Democrats react to Biden's primary resurgence over Bernie

Democratic Party supporters in Detroit reacted to the party's presidential primary election, on Wednesday, saying that they were not surprised by former US Vice-President Joe Biden's resurgence in the polls and siding with him over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. «It was kind of rigged and — from last election in the history with that that Bernie kind of outed already shows that probably Biden... Еще was going to be the dude anyway. And with how the country is right now, someone that's little bit down the middle and not as progressive seems like it's going to be the logical choice,» said Michael Barnes. «Whoever wins the nomination has a chance as if everybody just completely supports that candidate, despite whoever you personally wanted during this part of the election, whoever becomes the candidate, we just have to completely back them up,» he added. Adam Prescott, Detroit resident, added, «I think it was great. We had a great turnout with all the different voters. We did good with Biden, and I'm happy with the choices.» On Tuesday six more states headed to the polls in the Democratic Primaries: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington State. The voting is the first since Super Tuesday, which saw Biden emerge victorious with 10 out of 15 states.

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