USA: DeSantis and Rubio fight to the last breath in Florida mid-terms

Republican nominee for Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis spoke to voters in Boca Raton on Monday, the final day of campaigning before defining US-midterm elections. He was bolstered by the presence of Senator Marco Rubio on stage. DeSantis took aim at Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum, accusing him of corruption and undue hostility towards the US president. «Andrew Gillum is running on... Еще impeaching Donald Trump,» DeSantis reminded the crowd. «So, if we're going to impeach, maybe we should impeach Gillum as Mayor of Tallahassee.» Gillum has repeatedly denied being placed under FBI investigation for taking kickbacks as mayor. The vocal Trump ally said he would work constructively with the president», drawing a distinction with his opponent, who he sees as «incapable of being able to really do anything with the federal government». Traditionally seen as a bellwether, the sunshine state may prove key in the battle for control of the US congress. High-profile visits from Trump and former president Barack Obama have added heat to the election.

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