USA: Des Moines Dem voters react to Iowa caucus fiasco as results still not released

After the release of the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucus results were delayed, party supporters in Des Moines voiced mixed feelings about the issue, on Tuesday. «This is not a conspiracy of the Democratic party. This is a technological glitch, it's very unfortunate. But this is not a conspiracy against progressive candidates. This is a problem with using too much technology, problems with the app... Еще, and people not able to use the app, and that's the problem here,» said Adam, a supporter. «It doesn't bother me. It's a very complicated process. They do a lot of hand-counting. A lot of counting with paper old-fashioned way. So you know, it's honest and truthful that there was some issues with the app apparently,» said Jeane, another supporter. One Democrat party member was disheartened by the debacle, commenting that «I feel like I wasted my life supporting the Democratic party. I don't know what I'm going to do about it. The problem is — we are dealing with leaders of the Democratic party who basically pay no cost themselves if Trump wins.» Results were expected on Monday night in Iowa, the first contest in the Democratic primaries, which is often used as a bellwether to test the strength and resonance of a candidate's bid for the nomination, were reportedly delayed due to «inconsistencies» between different sets of results. Various reports have surfaced about technical issues with a mobile app that precinct chairs used to report results with. Due to this, the announcement of the results of the caucuses are now expected to be delayed until at least Tuesday.

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