USA: Demonstrators demand 'equity' for African-Americans at Seattle rally

Activists of the group King County Equity Now hosted a demonstration in Seattle on Independence Day on Saturday, where they speaker to demonstrators and listed their demands. Protesters could be seen blocking off streets with their bicycles and seated listening to speakers. «King talks about we need reparations, we need to repair rations, it is not to treat people equally, who you treated unequally for hundreds of years, we must first move through a period of equity and we demand that now,» said one of the activists. «Many industries have been built on our backs and the exploitation of our labour, and so we are going to put forward what the intersectional solutions look like to bring black folks to the place where we should have already been,» she added. King County Equity Now describe themselves on their Facebook page as «a coalition of accountable, Black-led, community based organizations fighting for equity now».

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