USA: Democrats urge support to subpoena more evidence in Trump's impeachment trial

US Senate Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer urged four of his colleagues from the Republican Party to vote to call and subpoena witnesses and documents related to US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. Schumer spoke at a press conference in Washington DC on Friday. «We're seeking the truth at a momentous time in the American republic. It is on the shoulders of four Republican Senators... Еще to join us in demanding it. We've made the argument forcefully; the American people have made the argument forcefully that they want the truth. Will four Republican Senators — just four — rise to the occasion, do their duty to the constitution, to their country, to seek the truth?» said Schumer. Democratic Senator Ed Markey added: «The proof would be incontrovertible if we had the witnesses and we had the documents. There would be an exclamation point at the end of the sentence. The bow that wraps it all together. The nail in Trump's political coffin. All of this would happen if we had the witnesses. That's why the Republicans are stonewalling. That's why Donald Trump does not want to give us access to the witnesses and access to that documentation.» Speaking at a back-to-back press conference, their Republican counterpart John Barrasso defended their stance, saying «When the House Manager say «The evidence is overwhelming», «It's a rock-solid case», and «A mountain of evidence» — when they say all those three things, I don't believe that there are any Democrats who need additional information to make a decision on how they're going to vote. And I can't imagine there are many Republicans in the same situation either.» Republican Senator Lindsey Graham added, «I don't want to call John Bolton because they could have chosen to call him and they refused to. I'm not going to destroy executive privilege. I'm not going to let the House put me in this box of ignoring witnesses and asking me to call them and deny the president a day in court on executive privilege. And to my Republican friends: You may be be upset about what happened in the Ukraine with the Bidens, but this is not the venue to litigate that.» Trump is facing impeachment over charges of abuse of power as well as obstruction of Congress, but with a Republican majority in the Senate and a super-majority required for a conviction, the president looks set to remain in office.


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