USA: Democrats helping to fund dossier ‘a disgrace’ — Trump

US President Donald Trump said “it’s very sad” that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped to fund a dossier of alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia, speaking to reporters in Washington DC, Wednesday. “It was made up, and I understand they paid a tremendous amount of money, and Hillary Clinton always denied it. The Democrats... Еще always denied it,” Trump said, describing the case as “a disgrace” and «a very sad commentary on politics in this country». Commenting on Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s criticism, Trump said “He was against me before he ever knew me.” The president stated as well that Senator Flake’s decision to not seek re-election is “the right thing” since “His poll numbers in Arizona are so low that he couldn't win and I don't blame him for leaving.”
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