USA: Democrats and Republicans clash over witnesses in Senate's question-and-answer impeachment session

House impeachment manager, Democrat, Hakeem Jeffries was seen urging the Senate to vote for calling witnesses for US President Donald Trump impeachment case, while president's Deputy Counsel, Republican, Patrick Philbin argued that such a move might damage the «decision making.» The both sides expressed their positions at the Senate's question-and-answer impeachment session in Washington DC, on... Еще Wednesday. «The Senate in its history has had 15 different impeachment trials. In every single trial there were witnesses. Every single trial. Why should this president be treated differently, held to a lower standard at this moment of presidential accountability?» said Jeffries. Philbin, in turn, said that it might go against confidentiality, «if you don't have the confidence that what you're saying is going to be kept confidential, you won't be candid, you won't give your best advice. And that damages decision making.» The vote on the witnesses is expected to be held on Friday.


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