USA: Democratic candidate Buttigieg rallies voters ahead of Iowa caucuses

Former South Bend Mayor and current Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held a campaign rally in a small town of Indianola, Iowa, on Tuesday, one week before the Iowa Democratic primary caucuses. «How is it going to feel the first time the sun comes up over Indianola and the rest of our country and Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States?» he asked the audience... Еще. «Picture it. Feels good, right?» Buttigieg added that he meets «so many democrats and so many independents alike and quite a few what I like to call 'future former republicans' who share that vision.» «I want them to know how welcome you are in this effort.» As a presidential candidate, Buttigieg promised his supporters to call out President Trump «on his every falsehood» and «his famous ability to change the subject» as well as make sure this election is about people's lives.»
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