USA: Defending unalienable rights should be bedrock of US diplomacy — Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talked about defending unalienable rights in Philadelphia on Thursday, as he unveiled the draft report from a Commission on Unalienable Rights. «If we truly believe rights are unalienable, inviolate, enduring, indeed universal, just as the founders did, then defending them ought to be the bedrock of our every diplomatic endeavor,» he said. «Our own commitment to unalienable rights at home has proved a beacon of hope for men and women abroad pursuing their own liberties,» he added, before claiming that «the great and noble human rights project of the 20th century is in crisis.» «Too many human rights advocacy groups have traded proud principles for partisan politics,» he stressed. «And we see multilateral human rights bodies failing us. The United Nations Human Rights Council does the bidding of dictators, and averts its gaze from the worst human rights offences of our times,» Pompeo stated. The US secretary of state also accused «international courts» of having «largely abandoned unalienable rights.»

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