USA: De Blasio vows to stop hate crime 'dead in its tracks' by increasing police presence in NYC

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at a press conference in New York City on Sunday that there will be additional NYPD presence to Friday's already announced increase in Brooklyn neighbourhoods. «People in the community will see our officers present in front of houses of worship and out on the streets. We have to give people a sense of security and we have to show that this horrible... Еще trend we have seen over the last weeks will be stopped dead in its tracks,» the NYC mayor said. «Some are trying to extinguish a light that we have all worked so hard to build in this city, a light of understanding and mutual respect, and peaceful coexistence. We will not let them do that. Any hate crime tries to take us backwards. We will not go backwards,» he added. «We have learned from those mistakes of the past how to do better. It is just for us to see clearly what is happening and act aggressively and act now.» The announcement comes after a knife attack in the New York suburb of Monsey on Saturday, which left five people injured, including two in critical condition. five people were taken to a hospital following an attack in the New York suburb of Monsey attack, with two of them believed to be in critical condition. While the investigation is ongoing, police have arrested a suspect whose car was photographed leaving the scene by a witness, and who was reportedly covered in the victims' blood when apprehended.

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