USA: Customers queue outside N. Carolina gun shop amid coronavirus concerns

Dozens of customers queued outside of a gun and ammunition shop in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday, amid an uptick in firearms purchases due to fears about the impact of the coronavirus. «People are nesting, they are protecting the nest, buying guns and ammunitions just in case, particularly the vulnerable, the women, senior citizens, people that lived in urban areas where before they didn... Еще't own guns, said Larry Hyatt, the owner of Hyatt Guns. «Now they think they need one, they're getting surprised by waiting periods. A lot of times, you can't buy a handgun because of a two-week wait so big surprise they can't buy a gun,» Hyatt continued. The shop, which is one of the largest in the US, has done about three times the business it normally would since purchases began spiking late last week. Concerns that the coronavirus may lead to social unrest and disrupt law enforcement have lead to a leap in gun purchases throughout the country.

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